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BP Portrait Award 2010 @ National Portrait Gallery

September 13, 2010

Daphne Todd is the winner of this year’s BP Portrait Award. I saw the portrait last week during my visit to the gallery and I found it magnificent. Although it portrays the dead mother of the artist, paradoxically, is so full of life: (more…)

When (economic) drama attacks Drama

June 29, 2010

Epidaurus -the classic venue of Greek Tragedy- is supposed to epitomise the locum of Theatre – not only Greek but also universal. The Bridge Project last year ended at Epidaurus. I had seen the Cherry Orchard -part of last year’s Bridge Project – at the Old Vic last summer ( Sam Mendes with a transantlantic theatre company -Ethan Hawke amongst them) and I felt a great joy when I learnt that the same play was about to be presented in the theatre of Epidaurus later in the same summer. ‘This is where they can all meet up’ , I thought, ‘Old venue, classic plays, universal theatre, modern times, enthousiastic audience, universal theatrical language….the birthplace of theatre can still matter’. I don’t think that I stand alone on that. Caro Newling (producer with whom Sam Mendes has been working since 2003) found last year’s experience at Epidaurus quite moving:


Summer Exhibition @ RA

June 23, 2010

The title of this year’s summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts is ‘Raw‘. The rawness in the majority of the works -I am not an expert in Art anyway- probably is based on the expressed desire of the artists to expose themselves deeply and unconditionally. Certainly I need to pay a second visit at the RA. But just after my first visit on Saturday a ‘raw’ event attracted my attention: (more…)

Real Things

June 22, 2010

About 2 weeks ago I went to the Old Vic to see Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing directed by Anna Mackmin. I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed…probably not in the right mood to enjoy the play. I enjoyed reading the play though, Stoppard is always witty, wise and a great spotter of the ‘deep’ human nature. Two of my favourite plays by Stoppard were on London’s stage this year (Every Good Boy deserves a Favour at the National Theatre – just beautiful, so moving, such a fond play!) and last year (Arcadia – lucky to find tickets for the last performance).

A favourite quote here:

From Every Good Boy Deserves a Favour:

Alexander: I have no symptoms. I have opinions.

Doctor: Your opinions are your symptoms.

Irving Penn @ National Portrait Gallery

May 19, 2010

Glamour and mystery in the photos of Irving Penn. The camera hides and reveals at the same time the truth about famous people and famous moments. The game between reality and its absence is nicely represented by the camera.


The Gods Weep

March 28, 2010

The Gods Weep by Dennis Kelly @ Hampstead Theatre. Some thoughts triggered by the play yesterday night:

– the collapse of a personal ‘empire’ makes you re-appreciate the ‘moment’

– being strong -like Colm, beautifully played by Jeremy Irons,- is not about strength

– ‘we’ve been waiting since the birth of the Earth for that exact moment’

– constant pursuit of success and constant state of madness

– nemesis follows? (not sure about that)

I don’t know if the play echoes King Lear -as suggested by some reviews-, not sure  how corporatism, armed conflict and total chaos were synthesised in the second part, but I have the feeling that apocalyptic nemesis (third part of the play) is not always the case.