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Flash Mobs @ Peacock Theatre

May 27, 2014

ImageDance and Spirit (more…)

Volume One: Not For Turning

April 28, 2013

Charles Moore discussed his authorised biography of Margaret Thatcher at LSE on 25th April.

This eagearly anticipated authorised biography, Not For Turning, is a ‘notable landmark’ according to the FT (27th April).

And, yes, Charles Moore, said on Thursday that he Iron Lady ‘did actually care about society’!!!!

Mies Julie @ Riverside Studios

April 28, 2013

I watched Mies Julie written and directed by Yael  Farber at Riverside Studios.

I still think that the strongest element of the play is not the new adaptation of classic Strindberg’s play, but its loose relation to the original play itself.

JULIE: oh, I am so tired. I can’t do anything; can’t repent, can’t run away, can’t stay, can’t live–can’t die!

Molly Sweeney by Brian Friel

April 13, 2013

Great play and a nice performance at The Print Room tonight. Mollie Sweeney by Brian Friel with Dorothy Duffy as Molly, Ruairi Conaghan as Frank and Stuart Graham as Mr Rice.

The trip from blindness to vision, from understanding to seeing, from experiencing to visualising is a long and not an easy one.

What do we expect to see and what do we expect to understand? A miracle operation succeeded in restoring Molly’s sight but failed to make her register with what she sees. It is not only Molly, who needs to be, it is Frank and Mr Rice who need to make sense of their damaged realities.

‘So the question she had to ask herself was: How much do I want to know this world? And am I prepared to make that enormous effort to get it?’


Manet @RAA

April 7, 2013

Last chance to visit Manet: Portraying Life at Royal Academy of Arts!

The truth is that our only obligation should be to distil what we can from our epoch, through without belittling what earlier periods have achieved. (Eduard Manet, 1878-79)


more theatre to come

April 7, 2013

Ready to welcome the spring after a long winter…..with some thespian experience:

long time no see…

September 22, 2011

Enjoying London during the last months through:


  • Flare Path directed by Trevor Nunn @Royal Haymarket
  • Ecstasy by Mike Leigh @Hampstead theatre
  • Betrayal by Harold Pinter @Comedy theatre
music and dance
  • Strictly Gershwin @Royal Albert Hall
  • Hofesh Shecther-Political Mother @Sadler’s Wells
  • Jean-Claue Trichet on ‘Euro, its central bank and economic governance’ @LSE
  • Sherry Turkle on ‘Why we expect more from technology and less from each other’ @LSE
  • Francis Fukuyama on his book ‘The Origins of Political Order’ @Southbank Centre
  • Watteau: The Drawings @Royal Academy of arts
  • Eyewitness: Hungarian Photography in the 20th century @Royal Academy of arts
  • Glamour of Gods: Hollywood Portraits @National Portrait gallery


March 6, 2011

Lessons to be learnt after Galliano’s recent story/sack:

  1. Fashion Industry has become highly political. Behaviour within fashion industry should start be considered as an additional element when teaching/studying International Relations.
  2. Never talk to strangers in a Parisian cafe
  3. Being the chief (designer) does not mean that the Big Brother (who has a camera) is not watching you
  4. Christian Dior does not only save your night (out) and your reputation (re outfit), it also acts in a speedy way to save its own reputation (by firing the Big Name)
  5. When Fashion Weeks and important Catwalks attract less attention due to misbehaviours, racist statements and politically incorrect attitudes …then something is going really wrong…at the end….better to be a passion than a fashion (victim).

Black Swan

January 30, 2011

I watched the Black Swan yesterday and I really enjoyed Aronofsky’s direction as well as Portman’s great performance. I understand  though some ballet critics and dancers who claim that we need to see Natali Portman as an actress and not as a ballet dancer. What attracted my interest was the interplay between the  eternal duality: the good and the bad, the white and black, the total absence of any in-between state. The roles of Odette and Odile (the white and black swans in the Swan Lake) reflect the great differences between Me and me, where me becomes the antithesis of Me. The eternal struggle between the good self and the bad self that leads inevitably to an endless imperfect effort for perfection.

(Re)order Marxism

January 30, 2011

In these days that we certainly have moved ‘from the triumph of global capitalism to its crisis in barely a decade’, I am so looking forward to reading the book I just ordered: How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism by Eric Hobsbawn. Does he make a case for the need to read or re-read Karl Marx now? Let’s see……