Onassis @ Novello Theatre

Yes, I wanted to see how Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate, is portrayed in the theatre. So, I went to Novello Theatre some days ago. Robert Lindsay convinced me as a Greek human -eager to challenge the Gods- taking risks and paying the costs through a personal drama that reminded me of the old Greek Tragedy story: Hybris is followed by Nemesis and every time the Gods find you being arrogant towards your fate, they punish you….Onassis wanted to become an Uebermensch….he just became a multimillionaire…Although Lindsay brings a lot of energy on the stage, the messy involvement of two famous women in his life -Maria Callas and Jackie Kennedy- are given as ‘moments’ and not in a continuity, not even in a witty way. Onassis is portrayed as a charismatic man, with no limits, ruthless, also likely to have been actively involved in the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

I felt that the ‘scenario’ of this involvement is given in the play in a quite direct and unquestioned way. I found today in the Evening Standard an announcement made by Onassis foundation according to which the play is based on ‘rumours’ and not on ‘serious research’. I am not examining the accuracy of the claims or whatever but I like seeing prompt responses like that….

When self-confidence turns into Hybris? Who is in control of Nemesis?

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