Tony Blair: Difficult to embark on a ‘Journey’?

The autobiography of Tony Blair has been published. I purchased the book as soon as it became available. A series of  launch parties though -to mark this publication- were cancelled anti-war campaigners who had organise to protest against the ‘memoirs’ of a man who still needs to be labelled by history…

Is it difficult for Tony Blair to embark on a post-leadership Journey? On a lunch with FT (September 11/12 2010) he asks us to ‘….to understand that they [politicians] are human beings and to understand things from their point of view’…‘.

A master in framing an argument he also adds: ‘…..a lot of what I’m saying [in the book] … about where we are now and where we need to be…

I chose some lines from the Postscript referring to the West: ‘…For almost twenty years after 1989, the West set the agenda to which others reacted. Some supported us and some opposed us, but the direction of the globe, the destination to which history appeared to march, seemed chosen by us.‘ (Chapter 22, p. 664). True or false? I leave it to the reader to decide….

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