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Exposed @ Tate Modern

June 22, 2010

Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera is the title of an exhibition currently run at Tate Britain. Several photos taken by hidden cameras, paparazzi, CCTV address the always fashionable question about what is private and what is public. Violence, sex, life and death are just some of the themes. I was thinking about all these people being in photos taken years ago, not knowing probably that they would become subjects of spectatorship years late. Is that moral? Can modern technologies and morality co-exist? Do we like being viewed? Do we like viewing images of other people, especially when we know that they do not know? When Degas was drawing his women bathers famously said: ‘..I want to look through the keyhole…you can look at people. We were created to look at one another, weren’t we?…’. I certainly enjoyed the exhibition as I found some of the images highly political. I found that one of the photos exhibited- is so much linked with the subtitle of my blog. Artist: Mark Ruwedel. Title: Crossings 2005. Description: A piece of land, empty of life but so full of life, a visa left behind, no man, no land, no ethnicity, just a ‘left’ identity behind, on a piece of land that belongs to none and to everyone……

Real Things

June 22, 2010

About 2 weeks ago I went to the Old Vic to see Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing directed by Anna Mackmin. I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed…probably not in the right mood to enjoy the play. I enjoyed reading the play though, Stoppard is always witty, wise and a great spotter of the ‘deep’ human nature. Two of my favourite plays by Stoppard were on London’s stage this year (Every Good Boy deserves a Favour at the National Theatre – just beautiful, so moving, such a fond play!) and last year (Arcadia – lucky to find tickets for the last performance).

A favourite quote here:

From Every Good Boy Deserves a Favour:

Alexander: I have no symptoms. I have opinions.

Doctor: Your opinions are your symptoms.