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En Attendant Nick?

May 5, 2010

In the Guardian (Friday April 30 2010) Nick Clegg admitts that ‘it is impossible to get tired of Becket’.

So true! And tomorrow Thursday -elections day-  I am sure that both Didi and Gogo will be sitting under the tree wondering whether Nick will make his appearance in the front scene of British Politics…

Legacy Locker or how to control virtual assets after death…

May 5, 2010

What happens to your online assets when you cannot access them? How to take care of your digital legacy? In the Financial Times (Thursday April 15 2010) we read: ‘…Mr Toeman, serial web enterpreneur based in San Francisco, created a service to help get round the problem. Last year, he launched Legacy Locker, a site that allows people to save passwords to important online accounts and have them passed on to a nominated person after death….’. This is very important in a time when many websites do not allow access to accounts for bereaved families. I can see a huge potential here for the area of law that deals with digital worlds. Various social questions are also raised: In the era of facebook and twitter is the ‘real’ death the beginning point of the ‘digital afterlife’? Can we still ‘survive’ through the continuation of our ‘digital persona’? Or…I log on therefore I exist??