Some reading today

– From the Economist (latest issue): ‘Forget core against periphery in Europe: the true divide is north against south’.  And it goes on: ‘…no economy, north or south, can be considered peripheral’. My question: Is probably the term ‘semi-peripheral EU’, more applicable and/or more pragmatic?

– Wolfgang Muenchau in FT today (29/03) seems to be very sceptical over the ’emergency funding agreement’ of Greece. He stresses the existing lack of an effective EU mechanism -powerful enough to resolve the problems deriving from the eurozone’s imbalances. My comment: Too late for optimism, too early for pessimism…Hmmm What I would like to think about is whether such ‘agreements’ can have a positive impact upon the minds of the people. Being European is not only about ‘think European  but also about ‘feel European’. Can such agreements boost the European feeling? Only time can tell.

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